Second Assignment: Picture One

For this first image, I decided to remix Andy Warhol iconic and the most recognizable pieces of pop artwork. This artwork was embellished in the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico’s album.


The first thought that I notice about this artwork;

1. Perfection: The cleanness and the simplicity allow fans to focus only the banana.

2. Secret: The urge of wanting to know what’s inside, not just the banana itself but the color and texture.

So basically I decided to go for the opposite of that. I insert a picture of a real banana being peel to portray that people can’t judge from the outer skin because their true self is from the inside.

For the Background, I painted the color that was a theme throughout Andy’s collection of Artworks. However, I did not want the colors to attract the eyes as I want the banana to be first to pop up, so I reduced the color opacity level from 100% to 44%.

As shown in Andy’s artwork, he seems to prefer to use a rectangular shape to differentiate and separate colors to colors, so I decided to go a little messy with it.

warhol-02 Marilyn-by-Andy-Warhol

Upon my research of this artwork I have came to realized that in the original album cover, the album allowed fans to peel the banana skin as a sticker revealing the inside of the banana (eatable part).

Banana Andy Warhol final

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